dear Mom,

Mom, you’re our breath, no world can be said here, just thanks Mom ^_^

We will always try be a better person as we have promised to you.

Thanks for telling us how to face real life peacefully.

Mom, you are the 1st and last women we ever knew who nearly perfect as a good women, wife, teacher, cooker, housekeeper, hardworker and has many talent in your mind n never tired to learn new things.

Thanks Lord Jesus, thanks for trusting me to be her daugther and son.

Mom, all your love is purely, sweet, adorable, never expected to earn back from any. You treats all people you met well as love them more than you do. We always keep on telling myself to learn more from you. Mom, you never regret for all those problem occurs, all the past was a great journey as you told us, PATIENT is the right key to open up all matters.

Mom, please dont forbid us for keeping on tell your sweet, adorable, humble heart to everyone i meet. I wish to share your experiences and i believe others will be glad too.

Mom, your patientness has shown us your daughther n son, the reasonable to move on.

Thanks for the past, thanks for today and keep on believing that tommorow will be better.

Lord, thank for Your Holy Spirit saving Mom through out her life journey.

We will try to make you proud having us as your childrens.

for Mom,
Shi Mianxue & Shi Chunlie

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